Workflow Manager – v1.11.0
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Lex Persona Enterprise

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The Workflow Manager is a product from the Lex Persona Enterprise product line that lets you create electronic signature workflows. Here are the different components that the solution relies on:

# Users

The Users section shows the different types of users in Lex Persona Enterprise:

  • Business application: application that calls the Workflow Manager API.

  • Portal user: person who accesses the Workflow Manager portal via his web browser.

  • Signer: person who signs documents in his web browser via the consent page. The certificate used by the signer to sign the documents can be either a long-term certificate issued by a trusted Certification Authority, or a short-term certificate issued by the Trust Service Provider through the Lex Persona Enterprise platform.

# Service Provider

The Service Provider section shows the legal entity that hosts and operates the Workflow Manager:

  • Portal: HTML5 application served by the Workflow Manager to let the portal users create and manage workflows.

  • Workflow Manager: Lex Persona Enterprise component that hosts and orchestrates signature and approbation workflows.

  • Relying parties:

    • Identity Provider: authenticates the portal users.
    • Email Provider: sends notification emails.
    • Timestamp Authority: produces timestamps to make the signatures AdES compliant.

# Trust Service Provider

The Trust Service Provider section shows the legal entity that operates the services that issue short-term certificates and generates electronic signatures:

  • Consent page: HTML5 application that drives the signer through the consent process and the signature creation. The signed documents can either be part of one or several workflows.

  • Certification Authority: issues short-term certificates for the signers.

  • Evidence Manager: Server component that collects the signature evidences and produces the evidence files.

  • Relying parties:

    • Identity Provider: can be used to authenticate the signers in the consent page, before the signatures.
    • Email Provider: sends one-time passwords by email to the signers before the signatures.
    • SMS Provider: sends one-time passwords by SMS to the signers before the signatures.
    • Timestamp Authority: produces the timestamps of the evidence files.

Note that the Service Provider can be either a third party, that is in this case a client of the Trust Service Provider, or in some other cases, the Trust Service Provider itself.